Week 2: Small sprouts

Seed Sprouting

Today is sunny Monday, July 31st. Before leaving the office on Friday we noticed that the seeds began their early stage of sprouting. The warm and slightly humid propagation chamber seemed to do its job well. I taped over the vents of the chamber to create a more humid environment for the seed stage… and also prevent little flies from entering the chamber (a quite crude attempt of a sterile environment). 

The humidity levels were stable at 70% during the initial sprout and after the seeds sprouted I decided to remove the chamber cover in order to drop the humidity down to 40%. The choice to remove the dome was an intuitive decision which I supported with a quick Google search. For those interested I found this guide quite helpful.

Seed sprouting

Seed sprouting

I estimate that it will take another week inside the propagation tray for the seedlings to grow to a stable size before we can transplant them into the Tower Gardens.

Also for those interested in knowing what equipment we are currently using for seed propagation here is our current setup:

That’s as simple as it gets. After transplanting I will likely be switching to a more specialized nutrient solution and use clay pebbles for the media. For on that to come.


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